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coming back to several social media platforms.

with my other blogs, namely the Youth Extension as my main blog on wordpress, i haven’t been active on many popular social media platforms for several years — the reasons i explained on the wordpress blog but you may guess. previously the blog was connected to a few, like facebook, twitter and others.

prior to the discontinuation i had used social media quite actively, learning everything one needs to know for a proper use. i even tested publishing of my own 3d photos and videos, before discarding it as not practical for my needs and giving away my 3d camera. all that is to say that i know quite a few social media platforms very well.

now i’m planning a comeback.. as much as available time permits. my plan is to promote the material from the ‘donation science blog‘, without posting on other social media anything too different which can be censored anyway with no human logic behind the censorship.. i simply have no time to fight the illogical social platforms and rather use those platforms which have proven to be truly free, at least in my personal experience, namely wordpress and which i use the most, among few others.

my ‘comeback’ to other social platforms begins with twitter..

.. i will write about any other related social media accounts which i begin using actively again or will open new ones related to my wordpress blogs.




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