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things are changing.

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an update: i got a financial allowance by the social services, finally, after two years of a ‘battle’ and several refusals on different reasons not related to my case. in the times when i was working i paid my taxes — that’s what the taxes are for, in part, to get support when in difficulty, thus i didn’t ask anything more than my conscience permitted. it was a social worker who insisted that i must continue the battle for my rights when i had already abandoned even the idea to get anything. the social worker did the job very well, writing letters pointing out the relevant laws to my case. without her professional assistance i would have not been able to fight the french system. it’s great to see that some people do care and take their job seriously.

the first allowance (financial support) was calculated and paid with a date back since august 2022, not the two years since my first demand, but still better than nothing at all. things are changing for better, hopefully quite soon.. first i need to create a reserve for any emergency situations, before spending for some improvement of my living conditions.




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