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this blog is one of my several blogs, dedicated on the subject of my research. apart of science and my research i may post here some articles about my life as well – it will give an overview about the conditions in which i have done my research so far and in which conditions i live at the moment while continuing the research.

for more information please visit my MAIN BLOG ..

.. on the main blog you’ll find articles/posts on diverse subjects all in one place, with the possibility to search by keywords. [a technical note: on a large screen computer the search box is on a side column next to the main feed of the blog. if you are using a tablet or a smartphone then the search box is under each article — just open any article/post and scroll to the end.]

on the main blog there are also links to download my books for free, and links to my other blogs with dedicated subjects, apart of science also on the subject of health, art and it’s possible – in the future – also on some other separate topics for easier following.




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