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the projects that never got started, and a new idea that may get a start as a project.

over the years i’ve had some ideas which appeared to be great in social value, in scientific research value and in a way of making some money along the way. the problem is that the ideas as such are worthless unless they are implemented. as i was not in a position to take care of the projects myself i made them public on my websites/blogs for anyone interested to take notes, with no copyright claims from my part.

a few weeks ago i had yet another idea which in theory i should be able to implement on my own, but as always there are some other things in life which are more important. i have enough money for my modest needs while having the necessary time available for my priorities in life. nevertheless the idea — which isn’t in an active project stage yet but is already written down — seems to be viable enough to reconsider some of my current undertakings.

still, i prefer not to work on the new idea to implement it alone but to find someone who could work together with me. i need to find (preferably) a web developer with finance managing skills, or a project manager who understands the basics of web development and will outsource the development to highly skilled professionals in specific fields, and will find all the other people necessary for the new project.

the project is about finding donations to my current research, with a unique mathematic touch which would make donors more interested to donate to my research rather than on other projects, provided that the potential donors don’t have a specifuc interest where to donate but wish to support science in general.. or will have an interest in “mind over matter” research with scientific tools and methods.

get in touch with me if you have the necessary skills for managing an online donation project. very important from your part is the time available to take care of the project as at this stage i’m not planning to hire anyone for a fixed pay.. i will offer a contract for an interest from the profit that the project will generate.

the first income may come already in a few months or even in a few weeks, depending on when the project is launched for the public. later on the project can be developed further by adding options and different operating languages but the basic website can be launched quite easily.

as i said, i can do it all by myself but i prefer to have someone working with me on the project to free up my time, so i could concentrate on actual science for which i’m planning to launch the online donation.

the project manager should not expect to earn millions because the bulk of the donated money must go to the research, and if there’s a surplus then the rest will be donated further to other researchers in the field. the project manager will get a fair pay for the impact and results. one quality i seek in the project manager is a genuine interest in advancing the society and science.

about me? you will get an idea about my interests and some skills through my books (all free to download and permitted to share) which you will find here..

don’t hesitate to contact me for any questions..

with best regards, Alex Kobold




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