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i’m still very busy with the french administrative stuff running all over paris to get/submit documents, which takes hours of travel and standing in queues for each task. also i’m quite low on cash now so besides the paperwork i need to find time to make some money as a street artist — that’s my only income for over a year now. i see no worries about losing the “job” but as with any job you won’t get paid if you aren’t working.

about donations: at the moment it’s only possible personally, with no online donation option. i may decide to create an online option to donate again but as these options were several times hacked, i removed the online donation about a year ago.

an article/post with my contact info is on my art blog..

meanwhile i will try to do some minimal work on the new blog.. at least i will try to find some of my older relevant to the topic articles on my other wordpress blogs and repost them here — there are hundreds of them so i just need to select the most interesting ones.

will not promise a regular activity here but i do will try to (re)post at least one article every ten days, thus at least three articles per month during busy times. whenever i can i will do better than that obviously.




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