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the weather test results.

the weather test was a success again. even better than i truly expected.

refer to the article..

why “again” while this is the first public test? refer to the story..

the result turned out even better because initially i made a mistake about the time i planned to go out, writing in the weather-control-research post 18:30-21 .. i noticed the mistake when i realized that in fact i need to go out earlier, to be somewhere at 17:00, so i changed the test time in the post for 16:30-21. it was less than hour before i needed to go out and it was still heavily raining. by 16:30 the rain has ended.

i was out in several areas of Paris for few hours and got no rain at all, even though it was clouds all over. now i’m back at my place and it appears to begin raining again, slowly picking up.

the photo below of my bag is taken with my pocket security camera after couple of hours outside — it is not wet. i got not a single drop of rain before taking the photo and neither after..

the screenshots below from live cameras of paris are taken some half an hour after the photo of the bag..

as you see on the photos it is cloudy up but clear sight below — no rain at all. maybe some areas of paris did get rain whole the time, no idea, but the areas which i visited were perfectly calm — no rain and no wind.

in any case i think that i should not conduct too many of the tests, not to mess with the natural weather cycle.. being cautious just in case it truly works and isn’t yet another coincidence. i’ve seen things that make me confident that mind over matter, including mind over weather, is a real phenomenon, not a made up imagination. the question is only to which degree and how exactly.

in any case nobody should ask me to make a “mind over weather” tests to cause harm to anyone, i will not conduct such tests. therefore, to avoid messing with weather too often, i will take a break now and will wait for another weather condition which is unlikely to change on its own.




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