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weather control research.

finally there’s a stable enough weather forecast for Paris so i can test the effects of mind over weather.

last month i recorded a video with an explanation what it is all about, with an insight to my current research, but i haven’t published the video yet. today i will review the video and will decide if i’m ok with making it public.

in short, currently i research and test the abilities which are not explained in science. there’s no magic to it, magic as such doesn’t exist, only the lack of our knowledge of physics. everything in universe is physics and mathematics — we just need to understand the languages of the universe better, and to learn to speak the languages for the universe to understand us, to respond to what we want from it.

this week i’m trying to change the weather in Paris. the forecast is a continuous rainy weather for at least five days. today my objective is to have a sunny weather for at least a few hours this evening, for the time i need to move around in the city in different areas, at 16:30-21 more or less. it is unlikely that the sunny few hours will happen by itself thus a perfect moment for a test.

today the sun will go down in Paris area at 19:06 so i’m not expecting to see much of the sun behind the tall buildings, but at least no rain and no strong wind is the goal to achieve.

below are screenshots of the forecast and from two live cameras in Paris..




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