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the domain name for making donations online has been acquired — it wasn’t possible on free wordpress accounts thus i set up a site with a paid subscription. the option to donate online for my research should become available soon – i’m working on it.. theoretically there are no obstacles, just learning all there’s necessary to know, building the site and testing for any possible issues.

years ago i used paypal for donations but it was hacked couple of times – not the paypal account itself but the donation link, diverting to scam sites. since the last hacking few years ago i had no online donation on my blogs to avoid headache in already busy times. now i’m not planning to use paypal anymore — after all, paypal has joined the ‘club’ of censorship platforms setting up huge fines for “false information”, whatever it means.

at the moment i’m studying the technical side of other online donation options.

the purchased domain:


the basic page is up but the site needs to be worked on for its designated purpose. i’m doing it all by myself — the available time besides other tasks in life is always an issue.

will set up the online donation option asap.. please be patient and if you really are in a hurry to support me financially please don’t hesitate to contact me right now..

thank you for your support and understanding.

with best regards,

Alex Kobold



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